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A community turned upside-down by the social changes of the 1970s. Seen through the eyes of a young man newly fled from his straight-laced Dutch upbringing, the fishing village of Bamfield on Vancouver Island’s pristine west coast is the unlikely meeting place of an uneasy mix of fishermen, the Dog Salmon whaling clan, hippies, drug peddlers, and the scientists and students of the Bamfield Marine Station.

Cedar, Salmon and Weed
"Like a cross between The Beachcombers, The Nature of Things, and Up In Smoke, Bamfield, BC author Louis Druehl has crafted a brilliantly authentic West Coast novel. Expertly and beautifully written, the book absolutely drips with soggy coastal flavour, so much so that I could taste the salt air, and picture the harbour, ocean and land where so much of the action in this wonderfully gritty book is set. I highly recommended Cedar, Salmon and Weed& for anyone who enjoys adventure stories from a local expert's detailed perspective."

This is the story I was meant to tell. Bamfield is my community and the situations and the characters represent the village well. Like Simon Winchester wrote in the New York Times, “A town so tight knit and far from mainstream society is full of hidden intrigues and eccentrics… Bamfield, with its extraordinary history, seems the perfect subject for a novel…”

–Louis Druehl

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The author with his dog, Brady.
Photo: Toby Reeve