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More catch-up material on the book!
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Geist is a Canadian magazine hailing from Vancouver that is an eclectic mix of literature and culture, published four times a year. The summer 2016 issue had a brief endnote review of Cedar, Salmon and Weed. See it in the attached pdf file below.
Geist book review
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Happy Easter!

We hope you are enjoying a holiday weekend that is filled with pleasant surprises!
Centennial Park, Bamfield

Centennial Park, Bamfield – a place that is always hopping on Easter weekend, as the children of Bamfield search for eggs the Easter Bunny has hidden

We LOVE hearing from those who have read CSW!! Erin from Quathiaski Cove (a place that surely has many stories of its own!) let Louis know in an email recently that she had ordered the book “hot off the press” and “It’s been a pleasure to read!”

Thanks for the feedback Erin!

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Reader Memories and Comments

Sylvia Reynolds sent this lovely note to Louis at the end of November (Your webmaster has been rather negligent of late, but promises to be more active in the coming months – stay tuned!) and graciously agreed that we could share it here. So much fun to hear of readers’ experiences of the book!). Read more ›
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