As most of you likely know, your esteemed author of the novel Cedar, Salmon and Weed began his writing career with a non-fiction book called Pacific Seaweeds. (Not to mention many scientific journal articles.) BC BookLook has a nice article on The Professor’s alter ego.  Check it out in the link below. (As a bonus, you’ll learn 10 fun facts about kelp to impress your friends with!) Forget Kale, Go Kelp!
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Happy Easter!

We hope you are enjoying a holiday weekend that is filled with pleasant surprises!
Centennial Park, Bamfield

Centennial Park, Bamfield – a place that is always hopping on Easter weekend, as the children of Bamfield search for eggs the Easter Bunny has hidden

We LOVE hearing from those who have read CSW!! Erin from Quathiaski Cove (a place that surely has many stories of its own!) let Louis know in an email recently that she had ordered the book “hot off the press” and “It’s been a pleasure to read!”

Thanks for the feedback Erin!

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Thanks to everyone that joined us in Vancouver, BC and Bellingham, WA last week. We had a blast.

Special thanks to the Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver and Village Books in Bellingham for hosting.

Louis signing books.
Louis Druehl signing books at the Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver launch of Cedar, Salmon and Weed, November 10, 2015.

Vancouver launch crowd.
Vancouver launch of Cedar, Salmon and Weed at the Ian Tan Gallery, November 10, 2015.

Louis reading at Village Books
Louis reading from Cedar, Salmon and Weed at Village Books in Bellingham, WA; November 11, 2015.
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Century View

Artistic photographer, Ken Miner, records Cedar’s author and his wife Rae with his 113-years-old camera, Century View. They had to hold still for 30 seconds. “I didn’t know half a minute was so long  . . .  I think I blinked a few times,” said Louis. 

113-years-old camera
Ken Miner behind the Century View camera.

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