Days of Yore…

    Luke Andersson found this photo hanging on the wall at a seminar room in  SFU and shared a pic of it on the Bamfield Corkboard Facebook group.  Andrea Butler correctly pointed out that this is from the era in which Cedar, Salmon and Weed takes place. You might recognize a visage or two representative of characters in the book! If you are in Vancouver on Tuesday November 10 don’t forget to join us at the Ian Tan Gallery for the Vancouver book launch!!
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Century View

Artistic photographer, Ken Miner, records Cedar’s author and his wife Rae with his 113-years-old camera, Century View. They had to hold still for 30 seconds. “I didn’t know half a minute was so long  . . .  I think I blinked a few times,” said Louis. 

113-years-old camera
Ken Miner behind the Century View camera.

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Zbigniew (Spino) Pakula


Zbigniew (Spino) Pakula

17 May 1949 – 14 June 2015

Spike, in my novel, Cedar, Salmon and Weed, was based on Spino: “He was a good worker—summer resident widows, their husbands busy making money in the big city, frequently singled him out for odd jobs.  Of course, they were influenced by his swimmer’s physique, bleached curly hair, and pale blue eyes.” (p. 9)  The fictional Spike resisted the call of alcohol, but just barely; Spino, not.
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